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Ruth White Yoga EASY Arch (Low Arch)

The Easy Arch is a hard wearing, strong, lightweight and portable plastic dome to backarch over. The Easy Arch enables you to ease the chest open as the arms fall back either side. Lie over this dome shaped support and it will greatly improve your posture. Particularly helpful for rounded shoulders, stiff upper back or neck and painful back. It stretches the spine and opens the hips and chest. Pressure is taken off the heart, lungs and thyroid and as the internal organs begin to work more effectively, energy levels rise.

The Easy Arch was designed after the Back Arch for people who required a reduced curve and stretch for their back. After time if your back becomes more flexible, you can add blocks underneath the Easy Arch in the same was as figure 9 on the Instruction Sheet for advanced students when using the Back Arch to increase the curve and stretch.

To view instructions on how to use the Ruth White Easy Arch, please click here.

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Price: £39.95

[inc VAT]

Colour: Silver Grey

47cm x 24.5cm x 13.5cm

18.5 in x 9.6 in x 5.3 in

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