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Carbon Neutral Aims and Recycling

Recycling and reducing our Carbon Footprint has been a objective at Ruth White Yoga Products for a number of years We aim to reduce our impact on the environment by contiously recycling and reviewing the distance that products have to travel to reach our customers.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • We subscribe to a Carbon Neutral programme to offset our website and mobile phone usage
  • Where possible we source products from the UK
  • Our Oeko-Tex mats are manufactured in Europe which saves airmiles. Many of our competitors only supply mats manufactured in the Far East
  • We use our local Post Office for most of our shipping which helps sustain the local community and supports a small local business
  • Our Oeko_Tex mats are often in use for up to 10 years by regular users such a Yoga teachers. Being washable they are much more cost effective and eco-friendly than many "cheaper", yet less durable mats sold elsewhere and are more eco-friendly than many eco mats which have to be replaced more frequently


  • Car sharing is always encouraged.
  • Public Transport - we encourage the use of public transport.
  • Our web designer visits our office by bicycle or runs here.

Energy Saving

  • We turn off Computers and Monitors when not is use
  • We use natural light in the office and turn off lights when staff are not in
  • We print price lists on both sides
  • We only print emails when required


  • Paper waste is recycled
  • Toner cartridges and inkjet cartridges are recycled
  • Packaging - we re-use supplier cartons and packaging where possible when shipping to our customers


For more information on becoming Carbon Neutral, please visit the website www.coco2.org.

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