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Shakti Acupressure Mats now in stock

The Shakti Mat has become one of the "must have" health and wellbeing products in Scandinavia during 2009. Developed in Sweden by Om Mokshananda, it is now used in one in ten households in Sweden. It has been used to relieve tension, help deep relaxation and long term stress relief. more...

Also available is the Shakti Acupressure Ring, a very simple idea to help with relaxation and tension release in your fingers and their joints. We have found that it becomes an almost subconcious action to roll the ring up and down your fingers whilst sitting at our desks.


Ruth White Yoga Products was one of the first suppliers in the United Kingdom of the non-slip sticky Yoga Mat in 1981. Our adult and childrens Oeko-Tex Yoga Mats have been the choice of many leading yoga institutes, clubs, schools, councils, teachers and students for many years.

Our online Yoga Shop sells adult yoga mats, extra long yoga mats, extra wide yoga mats kids and childrens yoga mats, as well as wholesale, bulk and boxed yoga mats. We can supply other sized yoga mats that are not listed in our webshop. If you require a larger or smaller EkoTex sticky Yoga Mat, please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

Click here to help you decide and give you more information on which Oeko-Tex Yoga Mat will meet your requirements.


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