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Ruth White Yoga Products was acquired in 2005 by the West family: Coleen, Dave, Maria, Matt and Emma. Our aim is to provide friendly customer service and quality products.

Practicing yoga and working closely with trusted teachers, means we can evaluate products to ensure we supply the best quality yoga products at affordable prices.

Where possible we have worked with suppliers to develop our own-brand products locally in the UK and in Europe to reduce the carbon footprint that accompanies products that travel vast distances. This attention to detail means we have long lasting products such as our Classic mats that are still in regular use after 25 years.

As a service to our customers and the wider yoga community, we created the Local Yoga Classes Directory over 14 years ago to help yoga students find local classes and help promote our Yoga Teachers and Yoga Studios in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

It is free to use and one of the most popular tools and resources for both yoga students, teachers and studios and is one of the largest independent Yoga Directories available. You can search and access our database of over 12,000 Yoga classes, yoga teachers and studios.