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We aim to be friendly and helpful.

We aim to give good, sound advice where possible and supply the best products that are available at a fair price.

Our staff are involved in decision making and development.

We aim to promote ethical trading through our suppliers and to our customers. We aim to give our customers good service and fair trading, whether it is handling product queries, handling customer returns, or help in general. We encourage our suppliers to behave fairly to its employees and contractors.


We aim to use Ethical suppliers who pay fair wages and treat their staff fairly

Outside Europe we encourage suppliers who have OHSAS - 18001 Occupational Health and Safety certification. They work to the international Rules & Law for Quality & Safety. The main concept of this certificate is No Child Labour, No Forced Labour, Non Discrimination, Freedom of Association, Harassment or Abuse, Health & Safety, Wages & Benefits, Hours of Work and Overtime, Environmental Responsibility and production of Quality products


We try to work with manufacturers who use where possible organically sourced products such as our cotton eye-pillows, belts and bolsters.

Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

The aim of the standard is to define world-wide recognized requirements that ensure organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labelling in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer.

Quality Assurance System

Generally a company participating in the GOTS certification scheme must work in compliance with all criteria of the standard. GOTS relies on a dual system to check compliance with the relevant criteria consisting of on-site auditing and residue testing. Certification of the entire textile supply chain. Fibre producers (farmers) must be certified according to a recognised international or national organic farming standard that is accepted in the country where the final product will be sold. Certifiers of fibre producers must be internationally recognised through ISO 65/17065, NOP and/or IFOAM accreditation. They also must be accredited to certify according to the applicable fibre standard. Operators from post-harvest handling up to garment making and traders have to undergo an onsite annual inspection cycle and must hold a valid GOTS scope certificate applicable for the production / trade of the textiles to be certified. Certifiers of processors, manufacturers and traders must be internationally accredited according to ISO 65/17065 and must hold a ‘GOTS accreditation’ in accordance with the rules as defined in the ‘Approval Procedure and Requirements for Certification Bodies’


We also participate in charity activities locally and internationally. We are currently sponsoring Emma who is heading to Honduras in September 2019 on a project to build homes for Women in need through the Habitat For Humanity charity

Vegan Options

We have introduced Vegan eye-pillows as the standard eye-pillow filling cannot be guaranteed as free of animal products.