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200cm Extra Long Ultra Yoga Mat and 72cm Wide - 6mm Thick

200cm Extra Long Ultra Yoga Mat and 72cm Wide - 6mm Thick

Burgundy Red


Product Description

The Burgundy Red non-slip sticky Oeko-Tex Extra Long Ultra Yoga Mat is our thickest and most dense yoga mat at 6mm and is 200cm long and 72cm wide. This high quality non-slip ultra mat offers intense durability especially for Astanga and Power Yoga practitioners. Best on hard floors, with maximum cushioning and support for knees, elbows, hip bones, spine and backs with excellent grip. This extra thick mat is recommended for all types of Yoga, Pilates and as a general exercise mat.

All Ruth White Yoga mats are made in accordance with strict environmental regulations which minimise the impact of their production on the environment. It is made of NON TOXIC PVC, contains NO latex, NO Phthalates, NO Heavy metals, NO Harmful substances so you can practice safely without fear of allergic reactions or toxins entering he body. It is Oeko tex certified which also ensure an emission free manufacturing process.

Please note all long lasting PVC mats need to be worn in before reaching maximum grip. The best way to do so is to practice on your yoga mat. However, you can give a good energetic rub to your mat with a clean damp towel (you can also add a little bit of sea salt), then rinse it and dry it with another clean towel. Then allow plenty of time to dry in a well ventilated room, preferably in the direct sunlight. That should do the trick! Due to its mighty density and dimensions, this is a very HEAVY YOGA MAT (3800g).

Weight; 3800g

Dimensions: 200cm x 72cm x 6mm