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Yoga Back Arch - High Arch

Yoga Back Arch - High Arch

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Product Description

The Back Arch is a hard wearing back bender, strong, lightweight and portable plastic dome to back-arch over. The Back Arch enables you to ease the chest open as the arms fall back either side. Lie over this dome shaped support and it will greatly improve your posture.

Particularly helpful for rounded shoulders, stiff upper back or neck and painful back. It stretches the spine and opens the hips and chest. Pressure is taken off the heart, lungs and thyroid and as the internal organs begin to work more effectively, energy levels rise.

To lessen the curve and reduce the stretch, you can add blocks or a blanket to your head and feet figure 7 on the Instruction Sheet (see below for the link to the instruction sheet), then as you loosen up and become more flexible you may be able to remove some of the supports like the blocks and increase the amount you curve your back.

NOTE: Products bought from Ruth White Yoga Products Ltd are used entirely at your own risk. Yoga is not a medical therapy and we advise that you always consult a qualified medical practitioner before undertaking yoga for its perceived benefits. Ruth White Yoga Products Ltd cannot be held responsible for consequential loses caused by the use of any of the products it supplies howsoever arising. Any person using equipment bought from Ruth White Yoga Products Ltd is personally responsible for learning the correct techniques involved, assumes all risks and accepts responsibility for any damages or injuries of any kind.

Approx. dimensions: 51cm x 25.5cm x 19cm (20" x 10" x 7.5")

Colour: Silver/Grey

Back Arch and easy Arch Instructions
Improved Design and Backarch Strength Test

Improving and Testing our Ruth White Yoga Products Back and Easy Arch Products

To check the strength of the Back and Easy Arches one of the manufacturing team placed four 50 kilo heavy sacks of resin on top of the Arch then pressed on the sacks. This shows the strength of the arches.

Our latest range of silver/grey Arches are designed from a material that is less affected by extremes of cold and heat as the previous see-through versions. They are made from the same material as used in car bumpers and same Formula 1 car cockpits. It is stronger and more resilient than the previous see-through models.